Caption.Ed works beautifully with Zoom calls, to allow you to receive accurate captions and an editable transcript. Below we talk you through how to get Caption.Ed running with your Zoom calls.

In the Browser

When wanting to caption Zoom meetings with the browser app you'll need to ensure you open the Zoom meeting within the browser. To do this:

> Click on the meeting link 
> Click open in browser 

Once the meeting is open in the browser you can then use Caption.Ed browser plug-in to add captions. To do this:

> Click on the Caption.Ed icon 
> Press Start

On the Desktop

If you want to caption a zoom meeting that has been opened within the Zoom app, you'll need to use the Caption.Ed Desktop app. The desktop app can be access through your admin panel.

To run Caption.Ed with a Zoom meeting on your desktop.

> Open the Zoom Meeting

> Open Caption.Ed Desktop app

> Ensure 'audio output' is set to 'Automatic'

> Ensure audio input is set to 'Computer / or Applications'

> Click 'Start'

> The captioning bar should appear on screen and provide you with a captions of what is being said within you meeting.

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