Once you’ve installed Caption.Ed, you’ll need to log in with an account. There are two ways to do this:

Caption.Ed from your University, School or Employer

Accessibility is really important that’s why many leading universities, schools, colleges and companies and providing their students and staff with access to Caption.Ed.

If you’re being provided Caption.Ed by an organisation, such as your University, School or Employer, then you will have received an email from them with your activation information. This will be your institutional email and a password.

To check if you’re organisation has signed up to Caption.Ed, please look here.

If your organisation has access but you haven’t received your credentials please speak to your accessibility officer, you can find their details in the above search. If this doesn’t work, then please raise a support request with TalkType above.

If You’re Installing Caption.Ed Personally

If you’d like to create an account for personal use, you can do that here.

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