Ok, so you're using the browser app, and it's say 'waiting for audio'? If so then read on.

Lets do a few checks:

> Ensure you have a good internet connection, you can check your connection here.

> Close the captioning bar by clicking the 'x' in the top corner.

> Navigate to the media you want to caption. This needs to be in the browser if you are using the Caption.Ed browser app, it will not detect audio on your desktop.

> Start the media and ensure you've not muted the media.

> Open the app and press 'start'

> You should see a captioning bar appear on screen and text appearing.

Still not detecting audio?

Hmmm, please ensure there's a blue box visible in tab at the top. Please ensure this is present. This will indicate which tab the app is listening to. Please ensure this blue box is in the correct tab.

Need further help?

Please get in touch if you need further help at [email protected]

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