OK, so you've downloaded and installed the Caption.Ed Desktop App, you've media on your computer you want to caption, but when you try and use Caption.Ed is says 'waiting for audio' or the captioning bar is blank?

If this sounds about right, please read on.

Please follow the steps below:

> Close and quit the Caption.Ed app

> Open the media you wish to caption.

> Open Caption.Ed Desktop App.

> Ensure you the audio input is set to 'automatic' and the audio output is set to 'applications'. This means the Caption.Ed is listening to you applications.


> Click the start button on Caption.Ed

> Click to play your media and ensure it isn't on mute.

> You should see text appear in the captioning bar.

Still not detecting sound?

Ok, so if this is the case it is likely the application that is playing the media is directing the media away from Caption.Ed.

> Navigate to the sounds settings of the app through which you are playing your media.

> Ensure the audio output is set to 'CaptionED 16inch'

> If you then repeat the steps above, sounds should now be directed to Caption.Ed.

Issue not resolved?

Please get in contact and we'll be happy to offer support our email is [email protected]

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