TalkType dictation software is designed to allow you to install quickly and dictate directly into the programmes you love. As a rule of thumb, if you can type into an application, then TalkType can dictate into it.

Open TalkType

To open TalkType click on the icon within your applications folder or under launchpad on you Mac computer.

Once you've opened TalKType you should see the TalkType toolbar appear on your screen.

Start Dictating

To start dictating open the programme you want to dictate into (where you want the text to be placed). Then click the 'dictation' button on the tool bar.

You will notice on doing this the 'Display Bar' then reads 'I'm Listening' and the button turns green.

Return your cursor to wherever you wish to dictate.

You can now dictate in to TalkType and you'll see text appear in the 'Display Bar' as highlighted below. Intermittently text will be transferred from the display bar into the application you wish to dictate into.

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