So you've got your licence to TalkType, you've downloaded the software, gone through the installation process, opened up the application but when you speak it is not dictating sound. Please follow the steps outlined below to resolve the issue:

> Quit the TalkType application and follow the 'Start Dictating' guide here. 

If this doesn't resolve the problem, let's check that your microphone is detecting audio, please follow the steps below:

> Go to 'System Preferences' on you mac computer. 

>  Click 'Keyboard' 

> Next click 'Dictation'

> Ensure 'Dictation' is toggled 'on' 

> Ensure below the microphone button the correct microphone you wish to use is selected. 

> Ensure that as you speak the 'microphone icon' moves to indicate sound detected. 

> If you find that as you speak the 'microphone icon' doesn't animate to indicate sound being detected, then this suggests a fault with the microphone or the computers ability to detect sound.

> We'd recommend initially toggling 'off' and then back 'on' the dictation button. 

> Failing this we'd recommend trying an alternate microphone or contacting Apple Support. 
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