To access the editing suite you will need to have an institutional licence to Caption.Ed and be a nominated institutional administrator.

If you are a Transcript Editor please review the guide linked below.

If you have an institutional licence and have signed up to our 'active-passive' licensing model, then when a user view university media, we generate and store a full transcript for the media. This transcript is hosted on your university dashboard, and can be accessed, reviewed and edited.

Edits that are made to transcripts are stored, and when users at your university view university media for which we have a stored transcript, this is provided to the user as captions, edits and all.

How to access the editing suite

1) First log in to your university dashboard here.

2) Navigate to the 'usage' tab in the menu down the left hand side of the dashboard.

3) Here you can see each user session, you can search for the title of the session using the search bar.

4) When you've located the captioning session you can access the full stored transcript and editing suite by clicking the icon highlighted below next to the captioning session.

5) Once in the editing suite you can make edits to the transcript. the guide linked below can provide a walk-through of how to do this if required.

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