To access the editing suite you will need to have an institutional licence to Caption.Ed and be a nominated institutional administrator or a Transcript Editor.

If you are a Transcript Editor please review the guide linked below.

If you are an institutional administrator and need to discover how to access the editing suite from your institutional dashboard then please access the guide linked below.

Using the editing suite

1) You can use the play, pause and fast forward buttons to play the media.

2) As the media plays you will see the transcript editor highlighted based on what is being spoken.

3) You can increase the play speed of the media if required by using the button below.

4) You can double click any word within the transcript and the editor will jump to this point.

5) When you place the cursor in within the text of the transcript you can then use the keyboard to edit the text.

6) When you've made the changes you require, please save you changes.

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